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Institutions in the Transferology network

You can now see how 400+ colleges in the Transferology network may award transfer credit for your coursework. Course equivalency data is provided by each institution itself.

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See how your coursework will be accepted at participating institutions. Get more information and contact school staff.

School matches are ranked by the percentage of coursework they each accept, eliminating the guesswork and maximizing transfer potential.

Note about match results

The course equivalencies listed in Transferology are accurate but may satisfy different degree requirements depending upon your major or program. Institutions may change the transfer information in Transferology at any time, so be sure to contact them to verify how your courses will transfer.

We recommend that you…

  • Contact advisors at the institutions to review your coursework for next steps
  • Check Transferology for updates
  • Retain records of Transferology reports for documentation

Plan ahead

High schools students who have taken AP courses, CLEP or IB exams, and college courses through a dual enrollment program can use Transferology to plan ahead. This will help you determine if those courses and exams are eligible for credit at the institutions where you are applying.

Plan out your transfer
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Stay on track

If you need to take a course at a different institution because it’s not being offered when you need it, classes are full, or you want to get ahead over the summer, use Transferology to find courses that will transfer back to your home institution.

Find replacement courses

Get credit for military training

Are you a veteran of the United States Military? Add your courses and military occupations to find out what transfer credit hours you can receive for your experiences.

Explore military transfer
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Transferology is designed to help students save time and money.

About Transferology

Transferology is the nationwide network from CollegeSource that helps students explore college transfer options. It saves students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting college transfer credit questions answered.

Transferology has helped over 2 million users from all 50 states and 202 countries with 9 million student searches and counting.

Are you a college employee?

While Transferology is made for students and their specific needs, our companion site, Transferology Lab, is designed for employees of subscriber colleges and universities in the network. Transferology Lab includes valuable tools for specific groups such as administrators, transfer specialists and advisors. If you work for an institution that is not a subscriber and would like to learn more about the benefits of participation, contact us here.

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Students, join over 2 million users who have searched to see how their courses transfer on Transferology!

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